The FOOTHILLS YACHT CLUB was founded in 1982 as an organization formed to provide a forum for single men and women over 30 to meet in a social environment and not for business promotion.  The Tucson Citizen announced the Club as "a new ship on the horizon of the Arizona Desert."  A group of 400 single, professional people were invited to attend the first party with dancing, Mariachis and several speakers at the Arizona Inn.



The FOOTHILLS YACHT CLUB  now welcomes single and married adults who wish to participate in the aim, philosophy and activities of the Club.  We are a congenial group interested in each individual's background, diversity, and life's stories.  The developing friendships continue to enrich our lives as we share our fun times together.

The newly elected BOARD OF DIRECTORS for 2021-2022 are:  



President: D.J. Gillies-Walling; Vice-President/President Elect: Nancy Olney; Secretary: Shirley Peat; Treasurer: Don Harclerode.


Activities: Joan Meade and Evey Trangsrud; Finance: Don Harclerode; Assistant: Don Coleman; Hospitality: Evey Trangsrud; Membership: Nancy Olney; Newsletter: Nancy Olney; Policies and Procedures and Bylaws: Mark Norris; Personal Affairs: Evey Trangsrud; Website: Darlene Gies.