The Club meets several times a month at different locations for happy hour, fine dining, and dancing.  Special events are scheduled to celebrate various holidays and also experience Tucson's theater productions, musical performances, art exhibits and casinos. Sports outings, golf, bowling and occasional bus trips are also organized.  Our calendar of events is both posted and mailed monthly.


     JULY 2020

                                                                          CAPTAIN'S CORNER


Hello Yachties:


Hope you are doing well during Covid-19.  On Tuesday, June 16, your BOD met at the home of Don Harclerode.  It was the first time the Board met since March 17.  The April and May Board meetings were cancelled to protect the health of our members and our community.  At our recent meeting, the Board discussed the pending actions identified in an email sent to our membership on May 29.  Actions taken at the meeting:


The band ,"Two's Company", was selected to provide entertainment for our upcoming Annual Meeting, now scheduled for Friday, October 23 in the Viscount Hotel.

Mark Norris volunteered to Chair the Nominating Committee to consider additions and deletions for BOD membership.  Two very welcomed volunteers for BOD membership are Eileen and Clifford Leet.  Additionally, Eileen will be chairwoman of our Activities Committee while, if elected, Cliff will serve as our Vice President/President Elect.  Thank you very much Eileen and Cliff.


As you probably know, Nancy Olney decided not renew her membership in our club. Thank you, Nancy, for all you did during your one year tour on our BOD, hosting events in your home and doing an outstanding job as chairwoman of our Newsletter Committee.  Replacing Nancy as chairman of our Newsletter will be President Elect and soon to be President, Darlene Gies.   Darlene served as our Club's Newsletter Chair a few years ago.  This year Darlene  published  our Website and served as Chairwoman.  Darlene will chair our Website Committee again next year.

As you know, COVID-19 has been very disruptive to our monthly calendar and provides our club an uncertain future.  In that regard, the Viscount Hotel plans to publish their August-forward calendar on August 1.  Historically, we have sent out our Membership Renewal and Liability Waiver form in late July with dues for returning members due by the end of August.  This year, when the Viscount Hotel Calendar is published, we will firm up our schedule leading to the Annual Meeting and let you know.


Other Comments:


Prospective new members, Barbara Buzon and Joe Macias, are being sponsored by Eileen and Cliff Leet.


At our July meeting, the BOD changed our Professional Dress Code for our Club.  We deleted "Men must wear Sport Coat/Suit November through March."  Now, for men and women, always dress appropriately for the theme.  Casual attire is acceptable; however, some events, such as the Annual Meeting, may require that men wear a Sport Jacket or Suit.

The BOD will meet again ASAP after the Viscount Hotel promulgates their August-forward calendar.

Respectfully submitted, 

Don Coleman, Sr., President


Answers to July's Activities Puzzles:  Sandwich (War Horse Race; Friends? (Each word can have the suffix some to form a new word); Delete One (Cinderella Story); Double Talk (Done and Dun); Word Parts (Objective, Abdominal, Telescope, Paperclip, Magnetron, Education)