Captain's Corner

Dear Yachties:

In spite of COVID-19, the Yachties met in October at Thirsty's Grill & Bar and November at Biscuits for lunch.  Both restaurants accom-

modated us with ample seating for social distancing, if we preferred.  Eighteen people enjoyed our gathering at Thirsty's, one of our more popular places to meet, and Biscuits, a new and enjoyable experience for some of us, had 21 in attendance.  Three potential new members joined us at Biscuits.  Eileen, thank you for arranging these functions for us.


We will continue to listen to current media advisories from the Center of Disease Control as well as Dr. Fauci concerning safety precautions, such as mask wearing and social distancing, in order to prevent members from becoming infected with the virus when we meet.  Accordingly, limited get-togethers will remain in effect until it is safe to return to many more planned events.  In the meantime, everyone be careful, be safe.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Gies, President

Pictures of the event are in the Gallery section of the website.