Becoming a Member


Persons exhibiting personal characteristics of achievement, broad interests, sociability and a willingness to be an active participant in the Club are candidates for membership.


PROFESSIONAL DRESS CODE:  Always dress appropriately for the theme.  Casual attire is acceptable; however, for some events, such as the Annual Meeting, it is requested that men wear a sports jacket or suit.  Ties are not required in either case.  T-shirts, shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, active wear and halter tops are inappropriate unless appropriate for the theme.


The full year annual membership fee for each individual is $60, due by August 31st for the upcoming fiscal year beginning in October.  Those members who join the Club as full time members after the annual dinner shall receive a one-time discount of 50 percent from the current annual membership dues.  New members joining in May, June or July pay one-fourth or 25 percent of yearly dues.


Annual winter visitor membership dues shall be established by the Board of Directors on the advice of the Finance Committee.  Any member in default of dues payment shall be suspended from the privileges of membership until the efault is cured.